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Effective, Safe & Personal

Haircut with Style


Whether you're looking to stick with a classic cut, spice up your current look with a subtle change, or embark on a totally new style, I have the knowledge and expertise to make it happen. For Men and Women alike — I stay on the cutting edge, by keeping current with trends and mastering all of the newest techniques.
You may come in knowing precisely how you want your hair cut, and in that case, I will use my knowledge and expertise to help you attain your desired look.
At other times, you may want me to provide professional guidance and recommendations based on your hair type and color, face shape and individual taste. I’d be happy to assist you, and I'm committed to making sure that your hair is ultimately a direct reflection of your personal style.

Hair Model

Blow-Dry Style


When it comes to dressing up for that big party or event, your hairstyle is one of your most important accessories. No matter what the occasion — prom, graduation, wedding or anniversary — you deserve to look extraordinary on your special day! Whether your hair is long or short, I will find a perfect style that’s sure to dazzle your world.
I specialize in Blow-Dry Styles that will captivate your friends and make the occasion even more memorable.

Hair Blowing

Keratin Express with Style


Much the same as the Brazilian Blowout, the Keratin Express gives up to five months of smooth, shiny and more manageable hair whiles boosting your bottom line.  You will see a more vibrant and intense color while eliminating frizz and giving a more radiant, healthy looking shine.  Many of my clients walk away feeling amazing with a great boost of confidence after a Keratin Express treatment!

Natural Beauty

Partial Highlight with Cut/Style


Highlights can completely change the look of your hairstyle. They can enhance your natural coloring coloring and bring out your eye color with the right glazing and highlight technique. Highlights can be flattering for most hair styles when the right technique is employed.
In a one-on-one consultation, I can work with you and discuss how to help you accentuate your best features and avoid compromising the health of your hair, all while creating a highlight look that is perfect for you.

Smiling Model

Single Process Color with Cut/Style


Your natural hair color is unique to you. But sometimes you want try something different, to express your unique style. I can deliver the premium result in Hair Color that you are looking for. Whether you just want to match your natural color and cover grey or want something that will really stand out, I can achieve the look you want.

Fashionable Purple Short Hair
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